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04/19/2020 11:38

Basic Configuration: AN5516-01 Chassis, 2HSWA main control boards,2*HU1A 5-Ports Uplink OLT Board(1*10G Ports and 4*GE Ports), 2*PWR DC power boards, 1*GCOB 16-ports GPON serivce boards with C+ SFP module

GPON AN5516-06 6U Size With 6 Service Slots 1G/10G Uplink GU6F/HU1A With Competitive Price 1.Product description of the AN5516-06 Fiberhome AN5516 Series Telecom Gigabit Ethernet platform PON end of the equipment, using industry-leading technology, all the front board, the former……


AN5516-06 Medium OLT (6U)
Compact carrier-level central office equipment
Suitable for medium density user scene access
Equipment size mm480W / 265H / 230D
Total number of slots 10
Service slot 6
Exchange capacity of 976G
Backplane Broadband 1.6T
Single frame PON port capacity 96 PON port
EPON / GPON / 10G PON / P2P common platform
Software and Business Boards are common to AN5516-01
1. Super Access Ability
High capacity and Density carrier-class 10 Gigabit platforms supporting 128 PON ports, switch card capacity of 976 G and backplane bus capacity of 3.52 T.
Support STM-1/E1 private uplink interface and Maximum up to 16×16GE downlink interfaces.
It has capability to support split-ratio of 1:32/64/128 long haul transmission and CLASS C+ enabled optical module.
2. Multi-service Access
Provide Internet, Voice, IPTV, CATV and TDM services.
Support IEEE 1588v2 protocol and 1PPS+TOD Clock interface.
Support OSPF, VRRP and RIP L3 protocols.
Common platform of EPON/GPON/10G PON/P2P for FTTX Smooth evolution.
3. High Reliability Optimization Design
Standard 19” inches cabinet supporting 2 service slots.
Full front card and front lines design.
Support hot plug for all cards and PON modules.
Support redundancy error-check protection for services, controller and uplink cards.
End-to-end protection, uplink ports RSTP/LACP protection and downlink PON port millisecond level switch protection.
4. Green Energy
With high performance and low power consumption chip the overall power consumption is lower than the average industry level 8-level temperature control intelligent fan supporting free ports sleep mode and energy saving.

Tech Specs

Model No.AN5516-01AN5516-04AN5516-06
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: -25℃~+55℃Humidity:5{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd}~95{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd} (non-condensing)Temperature: -40℃~+65℃Humidity:5{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd}~95{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd} (non-condensingTemperature: -40℃~+65℃Humidity:5{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd}~95{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd} (non-condensing
Power Supply Parameters-48V DC input Supports dual power protection Working Voltage range  -38.4V~-72V-48V DC input Supports dual power protectionWorking Voltage range  -38.4V~-72V-48V DC inputSupports dual power protectionWorking Voltage range  -38.4V~-72VSupport 220V / 110V AC input
Backplane Exchange capacity3.2Tbit/s1.5Tbit/s720Gbit/s
Control Board Exchange Capacity1920 Gbit/s960Gbit/s512Gbit/s
Access Capacity128*10G EPON64*10G GPON128*EPON256*GPON768*GE48*10G EPON24*10G GPON48*EPON96*GPON288*GE16*10G EPON8*10G GPON16*EPON32*GPON96*GE
Access TypeUpstream interface: 10GE optical, GE optical/electricityBusiness interface: EPON optical port, GPON optical port, 10G EPON optical port, P2P FE optical port, P2P GE optical port, Ethernet optical interface
System PerformanceLayer 2 / Layer 3 wire-speed forwardingSupport static router /RIP/OSPE.MPLSBITS/E1/STM-1/Ethernet/1588v2/1PPS+ToD clockMaximum support 1:256 splitting ratioMaximum support 60KM logical distance

Questions & Answers

Q: May I know Fiberhome AN5516-06 is new or refurbished?
A: Yes, it is original new, not been used.

Q: What is the lead time for Fiberhome AN5516-06 GPON OLT?
A: Normally the lead time is 5 days, please kindly confirm with our sales team before your purchase.