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04/16/2020 17:28

 ZTE ZXA10 C300 GPON EPON olt access equipment

The ZXA10 C300 allows operators to offer end users high bandwidth, multiple services, QoS and  security efficiently and achieve more network TCO reduction. It balances massive optical access roll-out and economy. It provides the stable technology and service platform for full-service access and management such as HSI, VoIP, TDM, IPTV, and mobile backhaul.  

Award-winning and Globally Leading Brand

Top 2 Market Share: OVUM reported that ZTE PON OLT and ONU/ONT shipment worldwide ranks #2 with the achievements of 30.4{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd} and 28.4{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd} during 2013Q4 to 2014Q3.
Leading Edge in Patents: ZTE has applied for 422 Chinese patents and 62 international patents for the inventions of ZXA10 xPON optical access products.
International Award-winning: In 2013, ZTE and BT Jointly Win GTB Innovation Award for First Live FTTP-XGPON. Moreover, ZTE won Broadband Innovation and The Best Broadband Network Vendor at Telecom Asia, won BBWF InfoVision Award, Green Broadband Award and Best Green Innovation Award more than once.

Unified Platform, Powerful Full-service and Smooth Evolution Ability
Multi-service Converged:
 Unified bearing Voice, HSI, IPTV, traditional TDM service and mobile backhauling.
Large-capacity and High-density: Supports 16 ports per GPON card, 8-port XG-PON1 card, 48-port P2P card, provides up to 128/256 PON ports in a 9U shelf.
Multi-PON Coexisting: Supports GPON, XG-PON1 and P2P in the same chassis, and enables smooth migration to TWDM-PON.

Excellent Performance, Industrial First Star Product
Non-blocked and line-rate switching:
 The system adopts dual-star architecture and provides high capacity main control card and line card for the guarantee.
Perfect H-QoS function: Provides the function that based on the service provider, user and service requirements for service control.
Highly Precise Time/Clock Synchronization Feature: Supports IEEE 1588v2, SyncE and 1PPS+ToD, making it extremely suitable for mobile backhaul application.

Carrier-Class Reliability, Higher Service and System Assurance
Core Parts Redundancy:
 Cards and interfaces are working in active/standby mode or in redundant mode, all cards are hot swappable.
Multiple Uplink Protection: Supports STP/RSTP/MSTP/UAPS/ERPS (G.8032)/LACP for uplink port and board redundancy and protection.
1+1 Fan Protection: Supports enhanced two rows of fans to provide 1+1 heat dissipation protection.

Efficient Management, End-to-end Comprehensive Service Guarantee
Auto Operation and Maintenance System:
 Provides the industrial first Automatic FTTx network diagnosing and trouble-shooting system.
Unified Management Platform: Provides the ZTE NetNumen U31, an integrated Network Management System (NMS), for operators’ network and equipment management.
Expert Support Platform: Accessorized the ZXESS EasyserviceTM system to provide end-to-end service estimation, confirmation, detecting, analysis, alarm, diagnosis and optimization.

Green and Energy Saving, Multiple International Certifications
30{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd} Lowest Power Consumption:
 Utilizes multiple port and board energy saving technologies to deliver an average of 30{472aa2723544face5a4be22bf12ec187b83857c297d71095638d5d8abe355acd} power savings per port compared with EU’s CoC standard.
Series of Certifications: With the MIIT, CE, CB, NEBS, UL, FCC, MEF9, MEF 14 and RoHS international certifications to provide the different operator qualifications.

Shelf Dimension
10U(9U card + 1U fan)
IEC19 shelf: 443.7 mm x 482.6 mm x 270 mm (Height x Width x Depth)
ETSI 21 shelf: 449.2 mm x 535 mm x 270 mm (Height x Width x Depth)
Shelf Configuration
19-inch: 2 main control switching cards + 14 line cards + 2*4.5U uplink cards + 2 power cards + 1 clock/environment detecting general public interface card(optional)
21-inch: 2 more line cards compared with the 19-inch frame
Line Card Interface
GPON//P2P/XG-PON1 line card, E1/T1 /STM-1 /STM-4
Uplink Interface
10GE/GE/FE/E1/T1 /STM-1 /STM-4

Power Supply

-48 V (DC) or -60 V (DC)