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04/16/2020 18:40

Huawei MA5800 series 16-port XGS-PON and GPON combo OLT Interface Board with XGSPON & GPON C+

Huawei 16-port Symmetric 10G GPON and GPON combo OLT Interface Board with XGSPON & GPON C+ Optical Module

Apply to Huawei MA5800 X2, X7, X15, X17 NG OLT system

Support XGS-PON, XG-PON and GPON

Max split radio: 1:256

GPON channel: Tx: 2.488 Gbit/s  Rx: 1.244 Gbit/s

XGS-PON channel: Tx: 9.953Gbit/s, Rx: 9.953/2.488Gbit/s

Interface Type: SC

H901CSHF is a 16-port XGS-PON and GPON Combo OLT interface board. It works together with the optical network unit (ONU) to provide XGS-PON XG-PON and GPON access services.

Tech Specs

Service ports
GPON Port16 XGS-PON & GPON ports
XGS-PON&GPON Combo PON Class C+ Module
TypeOne-fiber bi-directional optical module
Operating WavelengthGPON channel:Tx: 1490 nmRx: 1310 nm
XG-PON & XGS-PONchannel:Tx: 1577 nmRx: 1270 nm
Encapsulation TypeSFP+
Port RateGPON channel:Tx: 2.488 Gbit/sRx: 1.244 Gbit/s
XGS-PON channel:Tx: 9.953 Gbit/sRx: 9.953/2.488Gbit/s
Minimum Output Optical PowerGPON channel: 3 dBmXGS-PON channel: 5 dBm
Maximum Output Optical PowerGPON channel: 7 dBmXGS-PON channel: 8 dBm
Maximum Receiver SensitivityGPON channel: -32 dBmXG-PON channel: -30.5 dBmXGS-PON channel: -29 dBm
Optical Connector TypeSC
Optical Fiber TypeSingle-mode
Overload Optical PowerGPON channel: -12 dBmXG-PON channel: -10 dBmXGS-PON channel: -8 dBm
Extinction Ratio8.2 dB
Forwarding capability200 Gbit/s
Rate modeSymmetric rate
T-CONTs per PON portGPON: 1024XG(S)-PON: 2048
Service flows per PON board16352
Maximum frame size2052 bytes9216 bytes (jumbo frame enabled)
Maximum number of MAC addresses131072
Maximum distance difference between two ONUs under the same PON port40 km
Device Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H)23.30 mm * 257.90 mm * 399.20 mm
Power Consumption and Maximum Frame Size
Power ConsumptionStatic: 48 WMaximum: 98 W
Operating temperature-40°C to +65°C